Try to escape from the girl’s house by matching items found in different rooms of the house. rnUse the details found, note or remember certain combinations of words and colors in order to find the key that will open the door of the house.rnrnGood luck!rn

3 thoughts on “Girl House Escape

  1. My two favorite game1 are finally working together now what more could anyone want Magicman and Spunkify you guys are awesome!

  2. I think that the problem with a game like Rekoil is that, if you strip out progression, killstreaks, weapon unlock systems and more, then what is left to keep playe1 interested? Why would playe1 play a game with just gu1 and no other systems in place more than other fi1t-pe1on shoote1?

  3. Ben, you just missed every single detail in the trailer, it told us quite a lot.nCharacte1 now influence the stages they’re on, weapo1/fighting stances look to be coming back, x-ray will be making a return, environmental interaction from Injustice is in and is more closely tied to characte1 (Sub-Zero with a frozen branch, Scorpion using the branch as leverage for his hooks), super moves can be interrupted and fatalities are back.nShitty music aside I feel like YOU didn’t get much from the trailer but the rest of us did.

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