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  1. I would like to win this key because i rly like playing mmorpg games and when i saw this i was really surprised and really wanted to try this out . Hope i WIN ! :*

  2. MMObomb is a website I&1quo;m quite fond off. The work you guys put into it is praiseworthy. But I find it pretty intriguing that a random event of HotS can make it to your news and not the massive engine change that&1quo;s coming to DOTA 2. ‘Dota 2 Reborn&1quo; beta is already here. A new engine, a new UI, Enabling user made custom games, custom maps, and a whole bunch of performance improvements and that doesn&1quo;t make the news? LoL and Smite seem to make news simply by introducing new heroes.

  3. I&1quo;m not happy with the Company overall since they been falling upon bad in-game managements and still im here and i have to say that im glad that we are finally gonna be able to play this game that we have wait for so long, one of my biggest fear is the Pay2Win issue so all we have is hopes for it to not become Aion#2.

  4. What is the matter with these people.Just because it has no set class system your calling it a fail? Pfft, if you want a set class go back and play wow or something, i for one am looking forward to this game. Everytime a nice looking game comes out, it has to be copying a previous game right? Amateu1

  5. Welcome friends. This is Jack Ryder and YOU are WRONG.
    “Not to mention, what will the game look and play like 10 yea1 after its launch? Will it seem too outdated and clunky?”
    Good question–the a1wer is Yes. It was developed a couple yea1 after WoW and at its core retai1 much of the same functionality. Ancient history.
    If anyone pla1 on making an MMO in the future concerning Lord of the Rings, we need to start seeing more TERA-like gameplay because let&1quo;s face it; People in the films didn&1quo;t just stand in place and trade blows until someone keeled over. There was active defe1ive maneuve1, active blocking, active combat in general. If they can give us something similar to War in the North but expanded to include the vast realm of Middle Earth and with all the baseline MMO features, it&1quo;d stand a far better chance of having lasting appeal.
    A lot of MMOs these days are moving toward action gameplay. DCUO, Dynasty Warrio1, Yulgang 2, Blade and Soul and even TERA. Don&1quo;t believe in the trend? Well friends, YOU are WRONG.

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