Step into this mystic garden. Try to find all hidden objects and spot the differences.

One thought on “Mystic Garden

  1. I find it absolute impossible to believe VALVe have gone live with the system with the library lock rather than per game sharing. It makes the system near useless for families.nYes agreed, you can not have the system as it is with per game sharing. Shared libraries of 100&1quo;s of game freely sharing. It would be abused on a massive scale like the offline mode was.nThe system needed to be designed with per-game sharing in mind. Limit the number of games shareable at any time, limit the number of concurrent user and a number of other smaller thing.nThe simple fact, SFS does not help Real Families (i.e. Mum, Dad and kids all living together under one house) and favou1 friend sharing.nIn a family Mum and Dads accounts will have the games (and most likely majority of games will be in one account), while the kids accounts most likely have none or very few.nFriends will all have populated accounts.nThis mea1 friends share with a many to many relatio1hip. If someone is using one of your games, the chances are you can play someone else games.nIn a family, if child1 is using a game it is highly unlikely that there is another account free with games for other children or parents to use.nAs said, SFS heavily favou1 friends over the families that originally asked for this type of system and to who the original press release said it would cater to.

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