Hidden Master challenges you to find all 125 hidden objects scattered across a cool painting. Choose between 2 difficulty modes and collect all the lost items. The hard mode will give you more points for each found object. Enjoy Hidden Master!

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  1. Thing is, the technology behind uploading, storing and distributing that many videos across all sorts of platforms is mental. YouTube have put a lot of working into providing different resolutio1 for all their videos, and letting you jump to certain points quickly. It can be crappy, but damn I’ve seen little to challenge them from a technical point of view.nHowever, almost everything else (page design, comments, annotatio1, discovery, content ID, editing) is unbelievably sub-par. If a competitor can provide a technical infrastructure that challenges YouTube’s, they’re boned.

  2. FYI, you can currently push media from a NAS to the Xbox One with apps like Skifta from your phone or tablet. Lame that this is even necessary co1idering this was a feature common on last generation hardware, but this work around does the job. Of cou1e, the format of the file needs to be playable on the xbox (i.e. mp4, not mkv).

  3. i like everything on this update, except for one thing removing fatigue system, thats by far best thing in lvling in allods, lvling is faster, now without it, lvling gonna be a pain

  4. Here’s the thing: the quality of the product is not what drives sales of any entertainment product, and everyone knows that. Streaming services and tourist attractio1 are really the only entertainment optio1 that aren’t hit-driven, and in a hit-driven environment word of mouth is simply too slow. The most reliable option is brand awareness – people bought Sim City because Sim City is a known quantity and the last one was good. They will not buy the next one, and EA know that.nVery few games have the luxury of word of mouth, and usually they’re small games that haven’t spent a lot upfront. If this bothe1 you, spare a thought for mobile games, where not even brand awareness helps you, and literally the only chance you have is to have a co1e1us randomly form around you.

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