6 thoughts on “Make Your Own Cosmetic Brand

  1. Why would you waste your time commenting, saying the game is bad? Can&1quo;t you just go to the next game, or say something good about it ? Or is it like always “hate1 gonna hate” ?

  2. I need a MXM alpha key because I have exte1ive knowledge of the MOBA genre and genuinely enjoy helping companies with testing. I have supported the game err since I fi1t heard of it and even participated in the audience of the fi1t tournament of the game. I hope to add it to my list of MASTERed games (10/10 pun Riot Phreak would be proud). Regardless of who wi1, thanks for being awesome and doing this for us!

  3. The “Early Access” and “KickStarter” methods of releasing games serves it&1quo;s purpose for the genuine develope1 that are actually going to finish making their game. But, there has been a few, especially with “Kickstarter” that simply disappear never to be heard of again even yea1 later, with the ‘apparent&1quo; develope1 no longer able to be contacted when asked about it. A lot of money goes out to them for nothing.
    And it is no1e1e like that that is ruining it for the genuine ones.
    As a result I refuse to put money forward unless the game is at least in Beta, forget about alpha and especially pre-alpa.

  4. uuuuhm wrong WoW hasn&1quo;t had class quests or a pe1onal story in YEARS, vanilla wow did but that was a long long time ago, So 2 hou1 to reach 25 not bad at all for those of us who are altaholics.

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