You are a bomber driver in this game and you will drive different kinds of bombers flying over enemies’ land and drop bombs, then return. You will get different medals according to your performance.

One thought on “The Wing of Bomber 1.5

  1. Having watched the 3 hour presentation Carmack gave as an Employee of Zenimax in 2012 at QuakeCon it’s very clear he helped design the rift and fixed many of the problems himself. During his presentation, he mentioned that he was doing this work on office time in the office with the help of othe1 around him. He then went to Quakecon and E3 to promote the device.nArguably, Palmer wouldn’t have got his device to the same state without Carmack fixing a bunch of early bugs and the Kickstarter wouldn’t have succeeded without Carmack championing it.nI think Zenimax have a strong case here.

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