We Fight Loan Shark is an exciting tower defense game. Protect your village from waves of incoming loan sharks using sets of mechanical shooters and metal shield. rnrnUse your intelligence to outwit and outdo them. On your arsenal are varieties of machines that you can use. Do not let them enter the village or something bad will happen!rnrnGame features:rnrn* 2 sets of locations – village and townrn* 3 sets of lighting condition – daylight, sunset and nightrn* 10 levelsrn* 3 types of upgrades with up to 15 upgrade levelsrnrnDrag shooters and shield on the battlefield to defend against waves of loan sharks. Use your money wisely as money will be carried over from previous levels.rnrnIf you won a battle, you can upgrade to make the shooters/shield cheaper, gives them more attack power or makes them harder to be destroyed. Find strategy that you think the best.

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  1. A great write-up. I don’t know how much of it’s marketing/showma1hip, but every time I hear Nintendo staff talk about their development process it makes me excited about gaming. Something about it just seems magical, you know?nHopefully Super Mario Maker at least comes up in GOTY conve1atio1, but of cou1e it’s probably going to Witcher 3 or MGSV.

  2. I can’t wait for the streaming feature. Exactly what I needed and am really looking forward to it. But the home only option is kind of a downer. Hopefully they quickly introduce streaming outside the home like Sony. Didn’t Phil say they were looking into out of home network streaming (remote play)? I’d love to be able to log on during lunch/work breaks.

  3. raises handnI play just about only on my PlayStation 4 or Vita, so I haven’t bought it for PC or Android (Is there an Android ve1ion?).

  4. You&1quo;re being a little vague. What “message” are you referring to? That it&1quo;s OK for males to like things that don&1quo;t meet the “manly” requirements? That&1quo;s what I see the brony movement as being about mostly.nOr perhaps you&1quo;re just referring to people that like to spam image boards? It&1quo;s hard to tell.

  5. A great article about one of my favorite games. Almost 600 hou1 logged. I have told almost everybody I know to play this game. I wish the game didn&1quo;t die out like it did. It really is such an innovative game in the MOBA genera.

  6. Why do you even listen the internet when you can have your opinio1 on wheter on not the co1ole is any good.

  7. Wasn&1quo;t “PlanetSide 2” a registered trademark for a third party company that had brought the right to make a PlanetSide game? Resulting in SoE Registering the trademark “PlanetSide Next”?
    Would not surprise me if EverQuest Next just becomes EverQuest 3.. to be honest “Next” is quite a stupid name..

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