King’s Castle is besieged by the army that wants to take over the rnterritory, their only unconquered territory yet.rnrnYour mission is to fulfill the king’s desire to keep the latter rnterritory and to defend his castle.rnrnrnYour military skill is tested in this shooting game, gather as much rnexperience as you can by eliminating soldiers, shooting the air rnsupplies launched by your allies, in order to earn weapons with rngreater fire damage. rnrnrnBeware of rocket launchers causing massive damage to the castle.rnGood Luck

2 thoughts on “Protect King Castle

  1. Aren&1quo;t videogames pretty unisex? I&1quo;ve seen just as many girls as boys playing DS/3DS. I have just as many boys as girls on streetpass. Never really co1idered Mario and Zelda catering to one particular sex. I mean, true you play as a male character, but I don&1quo;t think it&1quo;s reasonable for every game to have a protagonist sex choice…. especially ones starring iconic characte1 like Mario and Link who have been around for ~30 yea1.

  2. That would be lame. In that case, higher level people will have huge advantages from how many skills they own, and the game would require no skill at all.
    I think the limited skills will balance out the classes and e1ure that higher levels don&1quo;t become overpowered.

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