The cute totems return! Sink the blue totems, save the red totems! Remove all of the totems from play, except the red ones.rnrnWish Totems Level Pack has 24 new levels and 5 exclusive GamesButler levels. Level editor and User Levels.

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  1. you know the quest where you stage a bar fight to help Travis become confident? my sister put away all her weapo1 and switched to fisticuffs—this is just a ruse and there’s no reason to kill, and besides that’s how you brawled in Skyrim.1he threw a couple punches and her opponents exploded into bloody gibs. it was the bartender’s idea, but he scolded her for the murde1. there’s no alternate resolution to that quest. Bethesda.

  2. Has anyone played Outcast recently?nI loved Outcast when it was originally released. For yea1 since it held a fond place in my memories – I knew that if I ever heard the music from that game again it would give me goosebumps.nAnd so it did when I replayed it a few months ago. But I’m sad to say that is the extent of the game’s positive affect on me. Replaying the game as an adult (I was 13 when I played it originally) I was sorely disappointed. I can see why I loved it – the mystery, the lack of real i1truction, the se1e of discovery, the TwonHa, the alien weaponry – but in actual fact it’s clunky, repetitive and a tad boring (and this is from someone who happily enjoys good old games still).nSo yeah, maybe that, in the end, is the reason for the failure of this Kickstarter. Maybe the game just wasn’t good enough to warrant a reboot. That’s why I didn’t back it. Had it been a complete remake or a sequel, building on what made Outcast unique and memorable, I would’ve backed it at the drop of a feather!!

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