Have fun playing this classic table tennis game to improve your reflexes. Try to return the ball to Jake’s court and get points every time he fail. Need 21 points to win. rn

5 thoughts on “Adventure Time Ping Pong

  1. Hell no. That title actually had historical meaning and weight in regards to the historical place in time.nBut nope. I guess in this PC time it should have a run of the mill name like “East Crime: Revelatio1” or something dumb like that. Games should be able to have provoking and meaningful names just like songs and films. So screw this “title is a bit much”.nAnd don’t come here with the whole “but oriental is just like the N-word”. No. Not really.

  2. Excellent write up. I hope you get a respo1e though I doubt that you will. You brought up a number of points that touch on how extremely misguided the criticism has been.

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