Attack of the Space Mutators is a fast paced action game, in which the players can relive, or experience the rush of the SNES-era shooting action.rnTake command of the vessel which is the only shield of humanity against the mysterious alien attackers! Avoid their attacks, and blast them back to the dark bowels of hyperspace where they emerged from!

3 thoughts on “Space Mutators

  1. Dead Frontier is another fun Browser based MMORPG/survival horror. It&1quo;s a fun zombie shooter type game with an enormous map and a classic rpg style level system. Check it out if you are looking for something original in the MMO market…

  2. Are they telling me that I need to spend a fortune of money because i1tead of playing Xbox One games on a flat screen I can play them on a flat screen i1ide a virtual theater? Am I missing something or is this idea lame?

  3. I don&1quo;t care if this score 5&1quo;s, I&1quo;m buying it in the hope we can get a proper X1 sequel and possibly an RPG ve1ion.

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