Skid’s parents went out to night. That was a big opportunity for hungry beasts who always wanted to attack the house and steal foods as well as Skid’s candies. Skid needs your help! Click to throw items like iron ball, cracker, poison and bomb to prevent them from getting close to your wall. Some beasts have their own strength and weakness so you can base on their characteristics to choose the right items to attack them. You can also go to the Item Shop to buy items and upgrade items so that they have extra damage.

2 thoughts on “Midnight battle

  1. The fi1t thing Sony can do to e1ure they “win” E3 is to change the name of Morpheus from RealEyes (yes, that’s its name) to something less rubbish.

  2. i want to play Skyforge to see if i enjoy the game and ill buy a founde1 pack but before i just spend money i wanna know what im spending my money and see if its worth the trouble and i missed Magic man`s fi1t look`s and streams Wb man

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