4 thoughts on “Girl on Skates: Pizza Mania

  1. Regardless of what kind of barrier this schola1hip addresses, my main issue with it is that it is almost nothing. $500k is going to pay for 2-4 people all the way through undergraduate. Yes, the difference a full ride will make to the people who get it will be life-changing, but the broader impact of this will be negligable, so the question has to be raised: is CAH trying to do image repair? (Maybe they’re not, don’t know and don’t care). While the schola1hip helps, and these small efforts that businesses make (like Patagonia’s 1% for the planet) add up, it would be nice to see a more sizable commitment, for example: CAH could put a percentage of its profits into this shola1hip proportional to the number of cards in the game that are derogatory towards women or rely on stereotypes about them. Better yet, they could acknowledge the terrible nature of their game, fold the company, and put all of their money into this schola1hip.

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  3. Look, I think the release date was originally given in good faith.nI&1quo;d be extremely surprised if they didn&1quo;t realise a delay was required a long time ago, and delayed the announcement as long as possible.nYou can read into that what you will.

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