The fastest route is often also the most dangerous route. In this post-apocalyptic world, nobody with their sane mind will dare to set foot on the infamous badlands, home of the blood-thirsty raider gangs. That’s exactly where you come in. Armed with your trusty heavy caliber stationary gun and a shitload of grenade, you will guard whatever cargo in that train that needs to be delivered across the badlands….. for a price.Keep the raiders away from your train, shoot missiles down, explode bombs in the air, and fight to your end in 30 adrenaline-rush filled levels.16 different types of raiders in ground and sky that will stop at nothing.


5 boss levels that keeps you at the edge of your seat



lots of upgrades to keep you up with the ever-growing challenge

custom-made artworks in ’90s arcade style.simple gameplay: point the mouse to shoot, click to throw grenade.built in achievement system

2 thoughts on “Train Raiders

  1. Well the price is what it is. I just wish they had used his time magazine photo i1tead of this one. I would have enjoyed the article more.

  2. U4 is pretty nice looking but I still think the best looking ps4 game (even though it’s super dull to play) is Killzone Shadowfall which was developed by Guerrilla Games, the same company developing Horizon. There’s actually a lot of interesting articles about how Guerrilla managed 1080p 60 fps on Shadowfall. The term black magic definitely seems applicable to their power over the ps4. Here’s hoping they bring those skills to Horizon.

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