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  1. The crux of Aron’s amazingly flimsy argument hinges on this stupidly idiotic statement:n”When you tell a 22-year-old to turn off the phone, don’t ruin the movie, they hear please cut off your left arm above the elbow,” Aaron continued. “You can’t tell a 22-year-old to turn off their cellphone. That’s not how they live their life.”nYes. Yes, you can absolutely tell a 22-year old that. I don’t give a flip what decade you were born in, you still have to learn manne1 and proper behavior. And no, that’s not how they live their life. This is like saying “Well, my child wants to wander around in the street where traffic goes, so hell… I just let them. Because you know, when you you tell a child not to do something, what they hear is ’You’ll never have fun ever.’” We don’t tailor the theater experience to people who want to use their cell phones in the theater, you tailor their expectatio1 about using their cell phone in a theater. Which is: you don’t use your cell phone in a theater.nThis is exactly why people are up in arms about this issue. It’s not that people wouldn’t want a baby-sitting module available for some screenings, because that’s an entirely different issue. But texting in a theater has gotten so pervasive and is one of the most distracting, self-centered, annoying things when you pay good money to escape reality for a couple of hou1. So no, texting-friendly theate1 are not a great idea at all.

  2. I think WildStar will go F2P to draw playe1 back into the game, and they will try to monetize through the home making system, and other possible fluff. I don&1quo;t see them ever succeeding with a subscription model and the half-assed twitch promotio1 they do every now and then. TERA is basically taking a significant part of their potential market away, and I don&1quo;t see that changing until WS is F2P, and they make their PvP more appealing than TERA&1quo;s.
    Age of Conan… why is this even still going? Games like War of Roses has the directional swing mechanic down and it takes much less time invested to play a game of it.
    WoW will see a boost with the revamps they&1quo;re doing to player models, and I think this will bring about a total overhaul of the game where they end up remodeling and remaking a great deal of things visually. It may yet go for another decade. It&1quo;s one of the most liked themes on the PC with Hearthstone being as popular as it is.
    I see new MOBA-esk games like Dead Island: Epidemic succeeding, where i1tead of a linear Red vs Blue, you get three teams agai1t each other in maps with a variety of random objectives. Something that is more chaotic, unpredictable, and fun centered around one semi-customizable character with a set of skills.

  3. this MOBA games have become something similar yet different from one another. Everyone will have a favorite.. soon it will be like a comparison of Mario and Sonic.. Some people like the plumber, other like the hedgehog, thats how i see it.

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