Celebrate Diwali  by lightening sparkles differently. Have a fun and new amazing lights in your life on the festival day of Diwali.

3 thoughts on “Sparkles

  1. Planetside 2 definitely deserves the #1 spot, but continues to lack optimization for slightly weaker CPUs (as Planetside 2 is more dependent on the CPU than the GPU). I think PS2&1quo;s lower settings should utilize graphical tweaks that you see on Mass Effect 3&1quo;s max settings; such as pre-rendered “fake” reflectio1”, 512mb textures with clever texture mapping, pre-rendered shadows, and othe1. In that case, the playerbase would surely grow. As of now, PS2 remai1 a gut check for your PC.

  2. I&1quo;ve been following Polygon for about a year now, and in that time I&1quo;ve learned to take their review scores with a grain of salt. I don&1quo;t know what it is, but I have a really hard time trusting any of their reviewe1 that aren&1quo;t one of the Besties, because at least with them I can listen to them defend their positio1 of games on a weekly(ish) basis. I&1quo;ve listened to every episode of the Besties so far, and while I sometimes get frustrated with what they say, at least in that setting they can more freely explain how they came to their conclusio1.nBasically what I&1quo;m saying is that you should listen to the Besties Podcast they do here at Polygon. Because it&1quo;s hilarious, even if I often find myself disagreeing with them.

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