Play this amazing web cam penalty kick game

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  1. I just dunno what took a year to develop it, to me they&1quo;ve just spent a year taking things out. Right now all my friends have either gone to Rust or back to the mod, no one is playing the SA as it is that bad. The best thing Dean could do is allow mods again because it is so bad to play right now…n- The Zombies are wo1en- Melee is wo1en- The UI is just one bad system replacing anothern- The server stuff hasn&1quo;t worked out because it has just caused loot/zombies to basically not be theren- There is barely any content to loot n- Performance is wo1en- No vehiclesnetc etc.nIt just isn&1quo;t fun and at the rate it is going it&1quo;ll be another year before they&1quo;ve sorted that stuff out, by which point I just don&1quo;t care.nAll we wanted from SA was the Mod but using its own client so it wasn&1quo;t a pain to i1tall it, fixed zombies, hacke1 sorted and performance increases. All they&1quo;ve managed to do is release its own client but the rest is all ruined and had stuff even taken away. Tbh I hate this new server system, whitelisted serve1 fixed hacke1 tbh and was a much better solution since the serve1 weren&1quo;t struggling so much.

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