Nice easy game, you must catch the falling Fruits from sky in the basket, but you must be careful from Cow that make you lose live.

2 thoughts on “Catch Green!

  1. Incorrect. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform wherein you enter into a contract with the project creator that if you pledge and their campaign is successful, they will provide the product promised based on the tier you pledged at. While the recou1e should the failed project creator fail to deliver is not as easy as contacting your credit card company to get a refund, there is recou1e and there have been examples of Attorney Generals in various states filing cases agai1t clearly fraudulent crowdfunding campaign creato1. Under Kickstarter’s terms of use, a creator must either deliver or provide a refund. If they don’t, I feel pretty confident that a backer could sue, although logistically, that is difficult because of the small amounts per pe1on generally involved. In any event, the people who treat Kickstarter as a pre-order site are just as ridiculous as those who co1ider it a donation as neither one is accurate.

  2. Nothing will be as good as the old one.. :'( just gotta hope the new one is fun to play..looks like it will be. Still R.I.P GunZ the Duel.

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