Star Crazy is a game of strategy and fun – based in a Star Galaxy composed of 3D Balls, Stars, Apples, Gems, Bombs and More! Toggle the rings at the ends of the five arms of the galaxy to allow the Balls to fall into the holes. As the balls fall, they change the colour of the rings. Different ring combinations earn different Bonuses. Earn extra bonuses if the Galaxy is moving! Black balls are score multipliers – but avoid the Bombs – they are black too! With careful toggling of the rings you can select the best colour combinations to BOOST your score before the balls run out! Reach the Target score for this level and you will Level Up! There are 5 levels, each with a new backdrop and a greater chance of high level objects and bombs. Beat the level Targets and get a High Score! Includes adaptive harp music, which changes with the Galaxy movements and a different Sound Effect for each 3D object. Complete with Mute Music and Mute SFX options. Game benefits from single mouse-click action, simple bright 3D Graphics models. (c) SM&H 2013

One thought on “Star Crazy

  1. I’m expecting this to fail, but hoping that it will succeed. Even though they’ve been working on the game for a few yea1 now, (up to) two yea1 to release everything they say they will is…ambitious, especially to do so with 200 full time employees. I suspect even Ubisoft, with their gajillio1 of employees and studios, would be hard-pressed to churn out this game in two yea1. But I do hope they’ll make me eat my words, because what they’re promising is frickin’ cool.

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