Steal the Rocket Boots from the facility and escape using their awesome rocket powers!! Avoid lasers, collect coins and buy upgrades

2 thoughts on “Rocket Boots Inc.

  1. Surprise release? John Carmack had been working on this port for a year+….. I was expecting this to be a Gear VR release.

  2. I want to be Cabrakan because George RR Martin has made my soul hurt in so many ways for the things he has done. Cabrakan is feasibly big enough to do all of those horrific things we saw to The Mountain and destroy him for what he did. To have the sweet sweet bliss of mental freedom as I imagine Cabrakan clubbing the man death every time I play him will be a balm to my injured soul, a boon to my mind and an anti-emetic to my nauseous gut every time I think of that scene.

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