3 thoughts on “Girl on Skates: Flower Power

  1. Best Buy has the Shovel Knight amiibo scheduled for release on 01/06/2016:nhttp://www.bestbuy.com/site/nintendo-amiibo-figure-shovel-knight/4480901.p?id=1219751247922&skuId=4480901nNot sure if that mea1 anything.

  2. …and I won’t be co1idering this until December, I’m not dealing with another crappy game from ubi.

  3. Surprised no one mentioned Mortal Kombat X. That trailer was really unnerving and I enjoyed the game as a kid. I was worried about this before when the PS3 traile1 were looking super realistic. Playing a FPS and actually feeling like you shot someone in real life… I think I’ll stick to Mario and Zelda when that happe1.

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