Help Crazy CooCoo in collecting her food for the day and make her to reach home safely.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Coo Coo

  1. How does this even make se1e?nIf cancelling the game that they spend 10 yea1 worth of dev money and time was the “right move” then working on the project form the get-go was “the wrong move”.nSo which is wo1e, canceling a game you aren’t sure will work out, or starting working on game you have no clue about and wasting 10 yea1 worth of time and money?nThis move proves that Blizzard made a huge failure on Titan to begin with, and most likely because the actual talent at Blizzrd North is gone.nLet’s see how this “strength” plays out when Activision’s game publishing model only works if they have a cow to squeeze.

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