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4 thoughts on “Sue’s Skateboard

  1. This is why people are still racist. Classifying people by their race and saying how great it is to see “dive1ity” in something is just pointing out differences in people. We are all just people. Huma1. Homo-sapie1. It doesn’t matter what your nationality or race is and I wish sites would stop pointing it out. I think that once you see a stop in media, you see a stop in society.

  2. You know I get the part about applauding the game for handling same sex relatio1hips the way it does, and agree that we should.nHowever, are we really supposed to turn a blind eye to the other wrong messages this game sends? I mean, there are parts in this game when your only optio1 with interacting with people are “Hook up,” “Network,” or “Ignore.”nIsn’t that just promoting an idea that we should only view people as sexual objects, career advancement opportunities or, failing those, we should just ignore them entirely?nHow can you just tell us to “shelve our cynicism?” Isn’t that like saying; “Let’s ignore for a moment the next Assassin’s Creed game’s baffling decision regarding in-game females, and i1tead take a moment to applaud them for their historical accuracies?”nIf you tried to make that argument you’d be, rightfully, pe1ecuted as a fool. What makes this any different?

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