A 4x conquest strategy game set in a fantasy realm. Inspired by Total War and Master Magic.

One thought on “Arcane Sorcery

  1. I was going to make the same argument you did about MS not taking PC gaming seriously. It’s a very damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation for them. This sounds no differently then what Valve wants/wanted to do with their Steam Machines (btw whatever happened to those) by using the SteamOS so only CERTAIN games could be run on the device, but because people already love Steam and Valve, it was overlooked for the most part. It’s so weird how much Ben Kuchera has been lambasting the company over the last few days and some of it, including this article, feels spun specifically in a way to downplay the positive this program brings. People complained about never getting to play MS games on their PC even though MS ow1 Windows and when they make they decide to just that, it’s not good enough.

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